ModeL oF tHe Year 2007


Name: Asrar Kh@n


Height 5 ft 11 inch
Weight 70 kg
Waist 33
Chest 38
Shoulder 19
Neck 15
Hips 38
Hair Black
Hair length:Short
Eyes Black
Skin Fair
Teeth Normal
Ethnicity Asian
Shoes 10 inch

Relationship status: single

Birthday: March 15
Age: 25
Children: no
Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Muslim
Humor: Campy/cheesy, friendly

Fashion: Alternative, smart, trendy
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Living: With parents, friends visit often, party every night
Hometown: Rawalpindi
Passions: A lot of passions…modeling is one of my passion ..i have been a model of octane magazine.
Sports: Football,cricket, swimming
Activities: An Observation on posing styles, Classic fashion, Anti-Classic, High fashion, Glamor, hair styling,Wardrobe,…. Photos.
Books: love to read fashion mags and interviews of models
Music: much To tell..!!
Tv shows: Very fond of tv shows
Movies: I like Indian and English adventure movies
Cuisines: DePenDzZZZzzz!!
Country: Pakistan

I have been model of week with
I came in model hunt for “Octance Magzine” of January
Now I am the model of year 2007 with




  1. Hi , Must say that he looks great!!!
    WIsh him all the best , actually he really deserve so much in life ..

    Wish him all the best for his amazing personality..(he should go in movies) pakistan really need some good looking actors and models.. God bless !!!!

    Asim Elic

  2. Hey all da best……………..LOOK gR8

  3. man telll u what tell him that whatever u are
    u r not number 1 anymore cuz iam in town iam gonna look after for that place lolzzz later on
    get looks no doubt just dont get a nice lil bit dressing what a model needs

  4. I wIsH hiM Alll The SuCESs
    HE HavE gREAt lOkkS aNd PhoTogEnIC FacE

  5. asrar …INSHAALALH u will get success…ma ALL prays are wit hu……….don’t loose heart…..

  6. well hes a good looking guy…. got fotogenic features!!! carry on buddy…
    wanna see ya in modelling soon 🙂

  7. Gud, photogenic, dsahing looks..Why nt u cm 2 India & try ur luck by competing with our aspiring Models?
    Opportunites r waiting for u here buddy..~

  8. ubhee 2007 khatam to nai hua likin hes gud … better than sum of the other paki models

  9. u rokz man

  10. Well i must say he’s a cool looking guy! Best Of luck Bro

  11. i m really impressed by this guy
    good luk

  12. YOur r hot yar.. dont worry you wil be selected.. my wishes r with u yar

  13. hi,,,this is deep …………….
    u r too cooolllllllllllllll,,,,
    i want information abt modeling and its profession……………….
    abt this types of contest’s……………….
    ok,,,dear bst of luck ………… sure u are going to be model of 2007th year……..

  14. U luk gr8!!

  15. is the ONLY photo worth a portfolio. I have been a fashion photographer so i know something about photography. Smart looking boy. The photograpger has taken too many pics in the same location and wasated this boy’s good looks. Sorry.

    My photography at:


  16. nice job

  17. hey dude u r not tht much kool but u r fine can work for pakistani commercials and one more thing this is not the right place for u…u must improve ur self and can do better on internation level!!!
    hope u’ll act on ma kind advice ;)!!
    ur well wisher……….

  18. Asalam alikum,
    Israr bhai is main koi shack nahee k app mashAllah boht handsome, aur boht khubsurat hain. lakin app yeh kabhi na bhulain k yeh khubsurtee app ko Allah nay de hai, Allah ka shuker ada kiya karein. and bever proud on ur self.May u always succeed in all exam of ur life. Always be haapy.

  19. Cant say U suck,
    but at least u got some thing new to express nice man

  20. hey asrar….must say u r really Good-Looking……but wat i like the most is …..Your sense of fashion and Style…nice!!!!…………..So , wish u all the best for ur future …GOD BLESS U….tc..see ya

  21. asrar u rokcs , versatile…..stunning buddy……My prays are wit h u….Stay smart….

  22. cute……….best of luck ……”U can do it !!!!!!!!”””

  23. hey mate whts up ? good try i shud say .. best of the luck mate for the future .. peace out 🙂

  24. not worth a look

    get the subject pics better it may help

    god keep you in good hands

    roll on

  25. You look like a hot terrorist who will kill all the gulz . lol. better adopt another career than a model lolz otherwise gulz will sucide 4 u so help thm man. 😀

  26. lookin very BEAUTIFUL.

  27. Keep it up(y)
    Hope u succeed in life…u have the talent!

  28. u have a beautiful face ur really awsome !
    keep it up have fun

  29. wana sayy l00oin se xy guy n aaaaaaaaya buuuuuuutiul pappu bacha .
    goodluck 4 ur future u r working in r0it sence to achieve ur success INSHALLAH will b ………………………………

  30. hi ..u look super…n all de best

    united kingdon

  31. Hey if ur interested in participating in the most biggest and happening event of town Face of the year 2007 then email us aliitle about u along with ur Contact #..

  32. hMmmMm well AsRaR u got gr8 LuKz n yew rAWkz!……..wish u all da best 4 ur future…..keep rocking

  33. good , damn dashing loooks n u r one of da hot models i ever seeen. wish u good luck dude

  34. good , damn dashing loooks n u r one of da hot models i ever seeen. wish u good luck dude .. all the best 4 ur caree dude

  35. i love u ,,u are grt grt grt grt cute cute cute cute boy ever ,,,

  36. ma prays and am with u

  37. well u look really nice
    Good luck for u nd ur future
    strive everyday dnt say that u hav achieved all bcoz sky is the limit
    wish u best of luck
    enjoy life
    remember me in ur prayers

  38. u rock dude i wish u alll the best in future Allah bless u


  40. he is such a smart guy…no doubt……….i dont know which girl will be his love …….anyway asrar best of luck u rocks yaaar……a big compliments from me and ma family………u great


  41. hi

    asrar inshallah am with u forever,,u grt

  42. he is good looking guy.

  43. he is good …….smarty boy…..he cant deceive anybody…but i must say..he is versatile guy…asrar wish u best of luck….

  44. nice pics man
    rock on !!!
    go for the title of “MODEL OF THE YEAR 2008” atleast give those other guys some hell of a competition
    good luck

  45. Well! really have no words for u buddy. You are simply…………grrrrrrrrreeaaaaatttttttt.
    i wish you all the best in your upcomming life and achivments.
    Good Luck Asrar,

  46. hi …he is so sweety…..he is the best…….he is versatile……no like asrar ……….i don’t care how many girls wandering around asrar ..but i know that ….asrar is the best best best buddy……..

    Keep it up …….Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  47. he looks great !

  48. nice pics keep it up

  49. hi ….u r really a smart guy… doubt…………i wana make shoots with u…may i ….plz…..
    Best of luck..u r really smarty yaar….

  50. Asalaamalykum

    Hmm do i have to comment .. Okay u look okay… Just a good greek features .. Just change your pix please get a better shoot and yes be professional .. I know i am very blunt but modelling is not just abt pretty face its more than that .. dont do anything halfheartedly
    and remember all that passes is nothing but time !!

    Take care

    Fee amaan allah

  51. hey nice pics, wish u all luck.take care.bye.

  52. NIce pics…Rumble on
    Wish u all da Luck

  53. i’m in love again !!! hahaha …

    very godo looking man … 🙂 ..

    best of luck ..


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