BomBay Dreams (Lets Explore It)

Bombay Dreams


A feast for the sense, Bombay Dreams combines the glamour of the movies, heart-aching romance and epic spectacle. It tells the story of Akaash, a young slum dweller, who dreams of becoming a huge movie star, and of his fateful encounter with beautiful Priya, the daughter of one of Bollywood’s greatest film directors. Can he achieve his dream of stardom or will this come at a price? Will Akaash and Priya’s love survive? And will they find, like in all the best Bollywood movies, their happy ending?


1-Are You Sure

2-Bombay Awakes – Instrumental

3- Bombay Dreams – Ensemble Feat

4-Bombay Sleeps – Instrumental

5- Chaiyya Chaiyya

6- Closer Than Ever

7- Don’t Release Me

8-Ganesh – Instrumental

9-Happy Endings

10-How Many Stars

11- I Could Live

12-Like An Eagle

13-Love’s Never Easy

14- Only Love

15-Ooh La La

16-Salaam Bombay

17-Shakalaka Baby

18-The Journey Home

19-Wedding Qawwali

20- Medley




”Top fun, really good. I thoroughly enjoyed myself”

“The music and dancing are a perfect Bombay mix”

“The choreography is wonderful. It has a great sense of humour”

“The musical is a lavish spectacle”

“You can’t help being seduced by its energetic charm”

“The show’s finale unfolds in exuberant and exciting fashion.

“It’s incredibly catchy, full of soaring ballads”
“Beguiling instrumental colour”

“A Bombay Dazzler”
“Hooray for Bollywood”
“This joyous tribute to Bollywood movies”
“The show is a delight”
“The astounding musical talent of A R Rahman”

“Feel the heat of Bollywood”

“It offers instant optical pleasures”
“Deliriously dotty Bollywood set-pieces”
“Pop spectacle”
“A choreographed fiesta” “Dreams meet reality”



  1. Hey, this is bilal ,worked in this play ,18 days and some rehersals.cast n crew are like my family now,thnx to sharabeel.
    i loved the whole play,theres not even one thing that i can complain abt or say that i disliked.
    i love you guys.
    and nice work on this site,loved it,thnx!

  2. u guys rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeddddddddddddddd love u guyssssssss awsome

  3. today we have our last performance…
    i think i am going to cry right noW caz i am strongly in love with our Bombay Dreams Family!

    Guys i love you all and i’ll never forget any of the moments i spent with you…

  4. hi bunty here i downloaded all the bombay Dreams songs ok They R lovely.

  5. The play was amazing…i wish i was the part of the team. i wish all the cast of Bombay Dreams good luck for future.

    Love u all and ur performance

  6. HI EvErY OnE
    I SpeNd a VErY NiCe TiMe WiTh Ma BomBaY DrEaMs TeAm NavEr FoRgeTaBLe TeAm ,
    All CreW MeMBerS VeRy SeNSitIvE AnD LOvInG EvEry OnE AttAcHeD WiTh EaCh
    OthEr DeEpLy , I WouLd LoVe To SaY tHx To ShaRaBeeL And OSama FoR mAkinG SuceSSFull HeAlthY ActIvItiEs In LitTle ToWn And BuilT Up NicE FamiLLy WhiCh iS UnFoRgEtAblE ,
    AftEr The PlAy LifE Iz AgIn In RouTeEn WoRk BuT So MAny MeMOrIes R StIlL In MInD ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    (GoOd TiMe NavEr FoRget)
    I ThINk ItS JouRnEy HomE ,,,,,,,,,,, EvEry One bacK To Home
    LIfE GeTs ChANge , We mEeT pEoPle AnD wIth TimE iTs DezolVe lIke SanD fRoM HaNdS.
    AhhHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,,,,,,,,,,,,, iTZ A PArt of LiFe

    BEsT oF luck EvEry One I miSs u All ( LOVE U ALL EVER And FOREVER)

  7. hi
    I spnt my bst time with bombay dreams team ,lastday we had our last performance nd thx god it wz awsm, cast n crew are like my family now,thnx to sharabeel nd usama.
    I LOVE U ALL nd I MISS U ALL bst of luck all of u

  8. I really luved dis play yara this is really awesum ….. i loved it so much that i went 5 times to watch it … hehehe .. i really wish i was part of the play

    Luv ya all

  9. well i loveddddddddd it.. i was it on geo on nadya khan show.. i jst saw the trailor n in the interview of faheem our beloved sweety lol n sharabeel..
    i heartly appreciate their work… n wish them all the very best for furture. i cant wait for them to b here in khi.. wud luv to see them livee at theatre..!!!
    is there anyway i can see their play online? if yes then please let me know via email.. i b really thankful for the act.!
    sharabeeel rocksssssssssssss!

  10. seems like the link is broken

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