AMAR (The Softness Of Pop Muzik Is Here)

They are four …..Friends……Class Mates….. Team Mates ….ok now Its enough …As I was saying … They are four Friends ooh not again ….. Sherub, TaHa, Ali n Chaudhry Sahib…Are the ingredients of AMAR… Whatever They are you’ll find out shortly ….

Taha: guitarist, composer, lyricist, vocals

Ali: Lead Vocalist, lyricist

Sherub: Manager

Asad: Marketing Manager

Click Their Experience Here

Bhool Jayein Ge (Dial up) & Shaam (Dial up)

Well as previous posts I am sure that you all will like them also because I am uploading them here after listening them personally and I assure that you all really going to enjoy the softness of this pop band because they are different from others.



  1. hey guys u did a raelly gud job nice song very well liked it keep it up continue it u will suceed one day yaar the music and the lyrics are awesome really

  2. Realy these guys Rocks…beautiful song more better then shamm…
    Manager doing good job 🙂
    Thumbs up for u Guys

  3. hey guys u all r gud in ur own job. The reality of ur band is ur hard working n struggle. i like u all but specially ali. b united always guys . LOVE U ALL BUDDY’S.

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