Lets Donate A Smile

Mussarat Misbah is one woman who has not given up. Owner of Depilex, the famous chain of beauty salons across Pakistan, she has spent a lifetime making women look good, but whereas she can transform the ugly duckling into a swan, she has been dumbstruck and dismayed at the plight of her unfortunate sisters. Not willing to accept the status quo –indeed the terrible odds, she has instead plunged into battle. Her Depilex Smile Again Foundation has been at work since 2003, restoring faces and some dignity for these poor victims. Assisted by a team of Italian and French doctors who visit Pakistan regularly, reconstructive surgery is undertaken and post-op support comes from local doctors.

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It is hard going but Mussarat has campaigned for her girls from every platform. She has used all her contacts, her resources, begged, pleaded and cajoled people, travelled, lectured and spoken with passion about the suffering of these young women and relentlessly tried to raise funds from wherever she has been able to. Her efforts and of those who help her has made some difference but this is a long, long journey and without help on a scale much larger than what she has experienced so far, things will remain grim. Operations are expensive

 and many are required before some semblance of a face returns or damaged and scarred tissue and body parts are restored. Who is going to help? Pakistanis are charity-giving people and people fund hospitals like Shaukat Khanum with generous donations of millions each year to ensure that poor cancer patients get a second chance at life. There is a great need for all of us to share what we have. It is useless to expect the government to come forward — it may in its convoluted way. It is up to all of us to make some contribution – however small it may be.

Musssarrat Misbah the owner of Depilex is helping victims of disfigurement who had been burnt by acid and could not afford treatments. So please if you guyz can do this thing atleast drop 100,50 Rs to your nearest Depilex branch which is almost in every city or alternate is to send your donations to

Account # 01701-8843-01 (Standard Chartered Bank) in the name of Depilex Smile Again Foundation or visit this link SMILE AGAIN

It will be a big help for her to manage for ppl she is helping.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Asim Elic



  1. Love to see that womens like Mussarat are working for womens who are being ignored alternatively from our society.I pray for those other women working or not in our media field to step ahead and do these kind of things rather then collecting sea shells from different beaches..
    May God help u in every path you go.. Im here uve got my email.. email me when ever my help is needed..!!
    take care bye bye

  2. One should find such persons who did this terrible act and do the same thing with them. Then only we can stop this thing.

  3. Hi, i must say thats great work Mussarat Misbah started.. they relly need us.. keep up the great work.. i wana say.. can i be a part of this trust.. i wana help them as well..so what can i do for that..kindly reply me..if there is any thing i can do for you.. i realy wana do it..
    thats what we send on earth to help one another..
    so kindly reply me.. im ria from Isb..
    all prayers for..Mussarat Misbah, you are greatest human..on earth.God Bless you.

  4. AOA !

    I don’t have to say any think for you. Today me and my wife we were watching TV Programm Mina Bazar, you are realy greet woman on earth God bless you, only I wand to asked you how can I help you for your MISSION.



  5. hi

    Musarat misbah you are doing a great job. i hope you achieve what you really want to. And all my best wishes and prayers are with you.


  6. I lost my 23 year daughter in Jan 2009 to burn injuries while working in the chemistry lab of UCLA, LosAngeles. My daughter was supposed to start Law School this fall. She was very impressed by Mussarat’s work and wanted to take up the cause of the acid attack Pakistani female victims once she graduated. To honour her memory I offer my help to Mussuarat, through this forum, in whatever way I can. We are residents of Canada and live in Toronto. Very soon I will be vixiting Karachi and if I can be of any help there I will make myself available.
    May Allah bless you!

  7. hi iam saima malik from hyd a vvv big admirer of mussarat misbah she is a great lady no doubt Allah will bleesd his all blessings o n her Amin if mussarat read my message pls pls do reply me i also need some help from her if she can iam divorced with a daughter pls

  8. Musarrat G! its a terrific work u r doing…..i impressed…….hv no wordz to appreciate u…
    but tell me how can i and students of my age help u??? Be it the donation or community work at ur foundation or internship like stuff……??
    plz do tell me & r u running a foundation or ny branch of ur foundation in rwp or isb??

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