Kaanch(Rediscovering yourself)

KAANCH is About a man returns to his home country Pakistan and tries to rebuild the broken ties with his family.

title of Kaanch

For Sami  KAANCH are shattered pieces.

For Rakey Kaanch is all he can collect.

For Kiran  Kaanch is all she saw.

For Ahmad kaanch is a dreary hope.

For Papa   Kaannch is  it all how began.

For Fasi    Kaanch breaks and builds.

For Janet   kaanch is better understood then spoken.

For Scotty  Kaanch is all he does.

For Boss    Kaanch has a literal meaning.

For Everyone kaanch is a story closest to their Heart.

Have A Look On this Upcoming Movie

Have A Look On its Soundtrack

Well a nice movie to watch in Pakistani Cinema, So lets see what sort of changes will come with KAANCH

Starring: Adeel Suhrwardy, Khurram Suhrwardy, Zara Zafar Khan, Sohail Hashmi, Azfar Ali, Imzee, Khalida, Naeem Sheikh
Directed by: Khurram Suhrwardy


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