Bollywood Love for Coconuts – Part V: “Mango Mazaa, Mango Masala…Mango Cheese?”

“By TwoMangoes”

There can be no Bollywood love without mazaa (enjoyment) and no mazaa without masala and at TwoMangoes we all believe in equality. In other words, in order to experience a full on Bollywood style romance, you must be willing to loosen up and enjoy some spice. Mango Spice! In order to do this, you must be willing to take the plunge…a deep dive into cheese…Bollywood cheese.

Listen up, we all know that cheesy Bollywood scenes have become quite the trademark around the world, but Bollywood cinema should be appreciated for just this. The fact that they can be corny, yet so sentimental and simple in their portrayal of love and romance is something we should try to establish in our real life love stories as well. It is okay to be simple, sweet and fun, BUT, there are a few things we Mangoes and Coconuts need to keep in mind.

Let’s see what we can learn…

1. There is no need for a Flash Mob…seriously!

Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega – Film: Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega *Note the random costume and scene changes. Bollywood cheese. We love*

Tenu Leke – Film: Salaam-E-Ishq *We love everything in excess! Wink, wink!*

These clips may not be examples of a flash mob per se, but it still hits the nail on the head – a bunch of people (usually more than 3) all busting out to the same moves…randomly. For some odd reason, flash mob dances have been quite popular these days, ever since the Black Eyed Peas created a flash mob dance frenzy on the Oprah Winfrey Show – some may even consider this particular performance to be the reason why flash mob dances are so popular today. What these people do not realize is that Bollywood was where it started and still continues today. Good ol’ Bollywood. These clips are a prime example of big budget Bollywood dance sequences, background dancers and all and its so fun to watch.

What we at TwoMangoes want you to remember is that there is no need for this flash mob dance to take part in your romantic love story. Puh-lease! We know Bollywood cheese is great cheese…but you could possibly embarrass your date, don’t you think? Especially when your wardrobe and locations keep changing in one snap!

*Note: It is also not wise to arrive to a date on a horse…or any other animal for that matter. Unless, it is the only means of transportation available to you!*

2. Run after each other, not around the trees.

Dekha Hai Pehli Baar – Film: Saajan *We loooove this song, shhhh!*

O Soniye – Film: Kya Kehna *Oh, we love this one too, hehe!*

Believe it or not, as much as Bollywood films are known for their “running around the trees” sequences, there are very few of them that actually exist. BUT, there are many love stories and love songs that take place in nature, among the trees and around the trees. What we must not confuse is the role of nature here. It is a treat to the eyes to see such beautiful and exotic locales as the backdrops for romance but the role of nature here is to suggest that love should be just that…natural.

Don’t force through conversations during your dates and always be yourself. Quite simple in logic, but at times hard to do. Trust us, we Mangoes totally understand, but no need to fret…we are here to save you by suggesting that you don’t grab each other by the hips or arms and swing each other around in open fields. Listen to this and you will be just fine!


Crazy Kiya Re – Film: Dhoom 2 *Coconut Friendly: This one has English subtitles. At TwoMangoes, we aim to please*

This song says it all…literally. Her love interest has her crazy in love and she is doing what any sensible Mango or Coconut would do…letting him know! You must not forget that in your chase for love, in your quest for partnership the single most important thing is…communication. Express how you feel, let it be known and you will receive a response in some shape or form.

*We suggest to shy away from actually singing your feelings unless you have a wonderful voice of course. Then you can serenade your ladylove or Mr. Right with an instrumental and vocal melody for the heart. On a general level, random and loud expressions of love in public places can elicit a negative reaction, one no Mango or Coconut should ever experience, hehe!*

So, now you have it Mangoes and Coconuts…another set of golden, romantic and cheesy BUT basic rules to follow to make sure you end (or start off) the night in true Bollywood style, kind of!

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The PunJabi RappEr

When I say it, I mean It

Yes, He is a PunjAbI Rapper ( Unique One).

It really took me one month to complete this post because

 I really dont have much words to describe his talent.

But till now really didnt found any word to describe his songs ,

so you just need to click here & go to his music page n decide by ur ownself & do not forget to post ur comments here .



Introducing “82Rocker” Exclusive!

Download debut track “Judai” by 82Rocker – Click here!

NAME: Kamran Ahmed
ZODIAC: Taurus
: Dubai
MUSIC GENRE: Pop, Rock, Folk.
: IT, Graphics and Sound Production

For a simple fact that I am basically a rock guitar player and 82 is my year or birth.

Started playing guitar at the age of 14, listening to all kind of rock songs, slowly started enjoying pop, remixes, sufi and all kinds of music. Started sound recording experiments at the age of 21 with instrumental tracks.

Joe Satriani, Santana, John Petrucci, Andy Timmons.

Guns’n’Roses, Linkin Park, The Eagles, Brian Adams, Aerosmith.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, A.R Rehman, Junoon, Kailash Khair & Adnan Sami.

Concept / lyrics / composition / arrangement / mixing / guitars and vocals – By Kamran Ahmed. Download debut track “Judai” by 82Rocker – Click here!

The song is based on the story of musician, who turns away from his love to pursue his musical career, reaching a point of fame and success but absolute loneliness. Slumbered nights at the mixing desk would often bring nightmares of his abandoned love, when one night he puts out his feelings musically.

There is a lot of material and all I need is time to blend all that together. Being a rock guitar player, I have a rock version of my debut track “Judai” in store, but probably my next session would be an unplugged version of “Judai” as per listener’s requests.

Producing guitar tracks and arrangement for certain Dubai based bands and artists, along with international foreign music groups

Download debut track “Judai” by 82Rocker – Click here!


The Team Jumpy
are you underground?
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A Man With HIs Own Identity

I have Posted Singers

I have Posted Models

I have Posted Photographers

But as usual today I m going to post a new thing,,,,,,

Yes He is Umair Khatak ,a man who created a new world for CLASSICAL DANCES in PAKISTAN.

Here he is :::::

Umair kathak dancer
(B. 6.5.1985)

Muhammad Umair Arif is one of Pakistan’s best Kathak Dancers, trained by Asia’s most renowned Dance Masters. Kathak is one of the oldest forms of dance, as evident from stone-scripts found at Taxilla. We will soon host a video footage of Umair’s performance. Meanwhile, we are presenting some Exclusive Photographs of Umair’s Kathak.
LATEST: Click to view NEW Photo Album (30 photos)

Click here to view original Photo Album (10 photos)

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He is a Singer like others.
He is a Musician like others.
He loves Muzik like others.
But there are Some things which Differ him from others.
His Voice.
His Muzik.
His lyrics.
He is Shahnawaz Khan with his first song Bhole Na Kabhi.

A new voice introduced by Pak Media Revolution (One of the biggest platform regarding to artists production and management in Pakistan). Continue reading

ModeL oF tHe Year 2007


Name: Asrar Kh@n


Height 5 ft 11 inch
Weight 70 kg
Waist 33
Chest 38
Shoulder 19
Neck 15
Hips 38
Hair Black
Hair length:Short
Eyes Black
Skin Fair
Teeth Normal
Ethnicity Asian
Shoes 10 inch

Relationship status: single

Birthday: March 15
Age: 25
Children: no
Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Muslim
Humor: Campy/cheesy, friendly

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